Squegg is a startup company in the United States which focuses on using technology to improve hand therapy caused by injuries. Due to higher demands, changes are needed to improve the overall user experience.

Product Manager | Squegg TM | 2020

Squegg aimed to improve their current mobile app design and features to accomodate the needs of their growing customer and user base.


Therapy is never fun. How can we make it more engaging?

According to Squegg's team research, tools used for hand injury therapy has some cons. First, it is not as engaging and this experience is not very pleasant for their patients. Second, the comfort of holding the current devices could still be improved. Lastly, monitoring patient exercises is a challenge especially when these exercises are meant to be done at home.

To solve this problem, Squegg came up with a device and mobile app which was re-designed to give better user experience.

The role

As the Product Manager, my role is to understand the business user needs and requirements. I led the planning and conducting of user research. I also produced wireframes, mockups and interactive prototypes with co-designers based on our findings . These were then consolidated and used for development.

Scope of Role

- User research and interviews
- Wireframing and Prototyping
- Project Management (Scoping and deadlines)
- Managing designers (Task distribution and daily meetings)
- Documentations

Collaborating with: Business owners, Designers, Developers, QA

The Work

Discovery Workshops.

To kick off the process, we ran a number of discovery workshops with key business stakeholders.
The insights were used to frame the key business challenges.


I conducted user profiling and interviews with clients (therapists) and users (patients) to baseline the existing device and mobile app experience. The sessions uncovered pain points and potential ideas for the next phase of development and design.


The insights were studied and turned into a research report and customer journey map. These provided us ideas of the pain points of every user action and identified strategies to ease the pain points.

Product Roadmap.

Based on the reports and customer journey map, a user story has been created in order to identify further requirements, potential features and solutions that will be included in the Product Roadmap. User stories were divided between their customer or business value. The results were very useful in the design and development process.

I then arranged the delivery by module on Trello. Each module has specific designs, documentation and developed screens with functionality that needs to be delivered in a given time. It also includes the people involved to do the tasks (designers and developers).

Creative Concepts.

Based on the product roadmap, I alongside the UI UX Designer, used our information to create mockups and interactive prototypes. I managed and approved works of the Game Designer and Graphic Designer as well.

The Outcome


What's New?

Brand new design of the mobile app which tailors every user's needs. Tracking of squeeze count number and recommended exercises as set by therapists can easily be found.

These designs were tried and tested by our target users and it was a great improvement from the previous version and received very positive feedbacks.


Therapy even more exciting for adults and kids.

We have released three games you can play with your friends or other people using the Squegg app: Blast away which is similar to the Flappy Bird game, Grip Strength (now known as Sumo) which tests who has the strongest grip, and Poolside Fun which shoots bullets at your opponent with every squeeze.


Better Features. Better Packaging.

We have included torque adjustments to the device that can be adjusted via the mobile app so therapists can adjust the grip softness or hardness based on the patient's needs. Packaging has also been changed and the device now comes with different colours: Teal, Coral and Yellow.

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