Stojanovic & Associates is one of the best migration and conveyancing company in Australia that has offices in Melbourne (HQ), Sydney, Perth and Adelaide. There is a growing number of Partner Visa applications onshore and offshore due to the COVID19 Pandemic as well as applications for Australian Citizenship. Because of this, two mobile apps are needed to be made for the purpose of these applications.

Graphic Designer (UI UX) | S&A | 2020 - 2021

Stojanovic & Associates aims to make applications easier for Partner Visa (both onshore and offshore) and Australian Citizenship applicants via two mobile apps.

Partner Visa

Partner Visa

Helping applicants unite
with their loved ones.

Partner Visa application is a long and tedious process. Visa applicants jump into applications straightaway without the preparation of the evidences that will satisfy all the aspects only to know that there are a lot of documentations to be provided. This leads to failure of PV grants.

To solve this problem, S&A built a mobile app that can be accessed by future applicants before lodging their applications and have an idea about the aspects that needs to be fulfilled and get them more prepared for their application. The app will be downloaded by both parties in order to compare their answers and test their knowledge on the different aspects of the relationship and see whether it satisfies the visa requirement.


Australian Citizenship

Helping applicants claim and live
the Aussie life.

When applying for a citizenship in Australia, some applicants ace the examination whilst some others fail and re-take the exam over and over due to lack of preparation and review.

To solve this problem, S&A built a mobile app that can be used by applicants to aide their preparation for their citizenship examination. The questions are based from the "Our Common Bond" booklet provided by the immigration.

The Work

Discovery Workshop.

I ran a discovery workshop with key business stakeholders to identify the business challenges (the growing number of clients) and business requirements.


I conducted a survey with clients and prospect visa and citizenship applicants to identify the challenges they faced when they take the exam or make the Partner Visa application. The sessions uncovered pain points and ideas for the features of the mobile app which was useful for both design and development.


A customer journey map was created to identify the process of how applicants apply for the Partner Visa and take the Australian Citizenship examination. These provided me an idea of the challenges they face and identified features that would be most useful for them.

Product Roadmap.

User stories were created to identify their value. This was very helpful as I arranged the module for product design and development in Trello. This also led to the discovery of the direction of the product to be developed.

Creative Concepts.

I created wireframes, mockups and prototypes to be sent to the developers basing the designs on the product roadmap.

The Outcome

Visa Match App (Partner Visa)

To use Visa Match, you and your partner would need to sign up individually and match up as a couple in the app via mobile number. The app will then require you to answer a set of questions about you. Once that's done, you'll need to answer questions about your partner and other aspects about your relationship. These answers will then be compared and the outcome will become very helpful in processing the visa application.

Australian Citizenship Practice Test

This app serves as a reviewer for the Australian Citizenship test. The questions are based on the "Our Common Bond" booklet. You will need to pass the previous level before you move on to the next. For every try, the questions are randomized and shuffled. There is a reading portion and the quiz portion.