Quantum IT

Quantum IT released transformative products for the higher education market such as: Integrated Learning Solutions (InPlace and Network) currently used in the US, UK, AU, NZ and in Asian countries such as Singapore and in the Middle East.

UI UX Specialist | QIT | 2021 - Present

InPlace is a complex product and I have worked on different microservices / portions of this platform. The transition from the old UI to the new Angular interface had also began.


How can we further improve Request Manager?

Request Manager is a big portion of InPlace where higher education institutions sends requests for placements to agencies or placement providers as part of the students' requirement.

Along with its' transition from the old UI to the new one, the team had brainstormed a few ideas to add and improve features for the redevelopment.

The role

As the UI UX Specialist, my role is to understand the business and user needs and requirements. I collaborated with technical and deployment business analysts. I led the planning and conducting of user research. I also produced wireframes, mockups and interactive prototypes based on the findings . These were then consolidated and used for development.

Scope of Role

- User research (remote) and interviews
- Wireframing and Prototyping
- Technical Business Analysis
- Accessibility and Functional Testing
- Documentations (JIRA and Confluence)
Collaborating with: Clients, BA's, Developers, QA

The Old UI

Client Kick-off

To kick off the process, we communicate with the clients who uses Request Manager.
We uncovered pain points and possible new features / improvements that we can potentially do.

Creative Concepts.

Based on the product roadmap, I alongside the BA's, used our information to create mockups and interactive prototypes.


I conducted user testing via a tool called Maze. The users were given links to the test and their answers are recorded and consolidated into a report. We mostly tested for actions that plays a major role / possible show stoppers if failed to be done.


The insights were studied and turned into a research report and these were used to improve the designs. The reports included number of participants, number of participants who finished or left the test in frustration, how much time a user takes to finish a portion of the test / finish a task, what screens passed or needs work, etc.

Collaboration & Documentation

I worked on JIRAs, attaching mockups and detailed functional and technical details in relation to functionality or design and raising bugs. I also collaborated with developers for technical questions. Collaboration with QA for bugs, functional and accessibility testing.

The New UI


What's New?

Brand new and modern design for Request Manager UI.

These designs were tried and tested by our target users and it was a great improvement from the previous version and received very positive feedbacks.


Conflict Detection - Seamless Placement Requests

We have released a feature called "Conflict Detection". Never guess which placement providers your students have a chance of getting placements from. Get insights which placement providers have capacity and a peek of the competition for requests out there.


Best Fit Placement Allocation

Got your last batch of students you can't find placements for and a pile of unused placement offers? The best fit allocation feature enables users to match the best students to existing offers to utilize these placements.

and so much more..!