Project Callisto: LCD Text Simulator

Project Callisto is a basic LCD project started by me (UI UX) and my

husband (software engineer). He designed a board attached to a small

screen that can perform basic functionality such as:

- AM / FM Radio

- Wifi

- Music from SD Card feature

- Sensors (temperature, humidity, etc)

The Problem:

1. Because the device has limitations, in order for text, symbols, and

numbers to be displayed on screen (whether it was an input by the user

or a device displayed output), PNG files of these letters, symbols and

numbers needs to be stored.

2. The PNG files of the letters, symbols and numbers are built in Figma

and exported as a ZIP file and sent via email which is then extracted and

re-uploaded for testing. This is time consuming as sometimes these

PNG files have the wrong spacing, weird positioning, etc. which

requires re-making the PNG files and re-testing time which eats into

development time.

The Text Simulator:

- Export all PNG files from Figma and store them in a folder.

- Open the text simulator.exe and click on "Pick Folder".

- Select the folder that contains the PNG files and click on "Select Folder".

- The simulator will display how your PNG files will look in the LCD

screen. This helped me finalize the perfect PNG files to be used in the

project. The simulator will show you the letters, numbers, symbols side by

side or in combination in a sentence so you can see which letters have

weird spacings, etc.