NASA Hackathon

NASA Space Apps Hackathon is a yearly event where different countries come together to solve real world problems in Earth and Space using NASA's free and open data. Teams all over the world compete and present prototypes of their solution. Awards are given in the five (5) categories: Best Use of Data, Mission with the best plausible solution, Impact, Best Scientific Method and Most Innovative Technology.

UI UX Designer | NASA Space Apps | 2021

This year, my team have decided to enter the competition. I am the UI UX Designer for this project working alongside GIS and Data Analysts.

The Project

TACTIC 1.0 Logo

The logo is Earth inside a scope's target which means that the main focus of this project is our planet, Earth. The five (5) different colours represents:
- Green: Crop Damage
- Red: Fire Activity
- Blue: Drought
- Orange: Heatwave Levels
- White: Air Pollution

I chose the word Tactic which means:
" an action or strategy carefully planned to achieve a specific end."
The word "act" is also highlighted.


Our country of focus are: USA, UK, AU, Canada, France and China. Shows overall Air Quality, Drought Level, Fire Activity and Heatwave (Crop Damage on next version). It also shows top five (5) states / cities where a chosen category (e.g Air Quality) is either getting worse or entering a higher level deemed as dangerous. It also comes with an interactive heatmap and a playable timeline.

Risks & Mitigation

Since we are looking into countries' states / cities that are either getting worse or entering a higher level deemed dangerous, we provided an overall look for each country depending on the category (e.g Air Quality) and gave predictions, health risks and mitigation information. The key to this solution is to mitigate before the worse happens.